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When people learn that they need physical therapy there are always many questions to be answered. We have provided content on this site that addresses the most common questions, and provides help to get started, on your physical therapy. The forms for all new patients may be viewed and downloaded via the links in the right hand sidebar on this page. Please explore our site and call us with any questions which are not answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions is a page where we have answered the most common questions new patients have for our staff. Learn more

Insurance & Payments is a page where we explain payment options, accepted insurance, and describe how our staff can help you to understand and manage your insurance coverage. Learn more

What To Expect is a page where we explain what you may expect on your initial visit and, to a lesser degree, what to expect moving forward. Learn more

How To Prepare is a page that will give you a last minute checklist, and reminder list, of what you need to do to be prepared for your first office visit. Learn more

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